Future Features

C-Finance is working proactively to introduce new features and functionalities that make accounting a breeze for our clients. We’re planning to launch exciting new features soon.

Bank Deposit and Transfer

C-Finance will allow you to deposit and transfer funds to/from your bank account securely with just a few clicks.

Cash flow statement

You will be able to view the cash flow of your organisation to understand where your money is coming from and how it’s being spent. You will also be able to customise the report to view the cash flow for the current fiscal year as compared with the previous one.

Upload files to all modules

You will be able to upload files in multiple formats to all modules. This will allow you to import data from your computer to speed up the data collation process inside every module. You will also be able to export data from C-Finance for your reference or other purposes.

Document Scanning

Scan documents using mobile with a magic link or QR code to all modules. C-Finance will support bar code scanning in the web app, as well as the mobile app.

Full text search on all modules

C-Finance will help you save more time by allowing full text search on all modules. You’ll able be to fetch your desired results quickly and will less effort.


You will be able to create a budget from scratch or use information from the previous year. C-Finance will allow you to track and view budget progress in dollars and percentages. You’ll also be able to run valuable budgeting reports.

Cost Centre

With cost centre accounting, you will be able to make comparisons of budget goals to actual expenditures simple. You will be able to analyse expenditures where they happen.

Audit Trial

C-Finance will trace the detailed transactions relating to any item in all your accounting records.


The timesheet module is for businesses that charge their customers based on the time spent in finishing a particular project for them. You will be able to create time entries for their tasks and bill your customers based on the same.