With C-Finance, your vendors can upload transaction documents that can be verified and converted to bills. They can also view details of purchase orders, invoices and track payments received.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders and send them to vendors indicating information about the items you want to buy, their quantities, and their prices. You can also customise the format of your purchase order.


Generate and share bills indicating the amount you owe your vendors for the goods or services you buy from them. If you already have a list of bills, you can import them into C-Finance in the CSV, TSV, or XLS format.

Payments Made

The Payments Made module allows you to view all the payments that you have made to your vendors. You can record payments made, see excess payments, and also import payments made.

Vendor Credits

Record credits that you receive from your vendor as an equivalent of the amount that they owe you. With vendor credits, you can track this amount until it is paid by the vendor, refunded, or applied to other bills of the vendor.

Debit Notes

Store debit notes used by a vendor to inform you of current debt obligations. You can also create debit notes when returning goods received on credit. The debit note can provide info regarding an upcoming invoice or serve as a reminder for funds currently due.

Vendor Portal

As your company expands, it might be difficult to manage all your supplies, record each transaction, collaborate and maintain vendor relations. C-Finance has a dedicated vendor portal that allows all vendors to view and access their transactions.


Record expenses associated with each vendor and stay tax-ready at all times. You can even photograph and save receipts with the C-Finance mobile app. Expenses can be recorded, marked billable, converted to an invoice, and be reimbursed.

Vendor Refunds

When the vendor sends you a refund check for a bill that is already paid, you can record a deposit of the vendor check, record a bill credit for the refunded amount, and link the deposit to the bill credit.

Vendor Allocation

Allocate Payments Made and Debit Notes associated with each vendor to Bills for easier tracking.

Manage Products and Services (Items)

Items are the goods or services that you deal with in your business. Whenever you create transactions for your vendors, you can add these items and their details will be auto-populated.

Vendor Deletion

If you are temporarily not transacting with any vendor, you can mark them as inactive. However, if you still want to delete the vendor, you will have to delete all the sales and purchase transactions that you created for them.

Vendor Preferences

You can choose which fields of your vendor will be displayed in your transaction PDF, and also create multiple vendors with similar details. You can also add multiple custom fields for the Vendors module and assign different data types for each of them.


You can create new buttons in the Vendors module to perform specific actions for your transactions, or to open external links. You can create them using a deluge script and execute actions based on the functions you add.