Get a better picture of your business as C-Finance makes it easy to create accurate financial reports and organise your data. Gain valuable insights about your business, such as your sales figures, purchases, inventory, and activity logs.

Manage Reports

You can manage the reports in C-Finance by configuring PDF layouts during export, scheduling reports to auto-send them at specific frequencies, configuring role-based access to reports, and sharing reports with other users.

Financial Statements

Financial statements offer a comprehensive summary of all the profits and losses that you’ve made in your business during a specific period of time. Also, get the summary of your operating and non-operating expenses.

Account Receivables

The Account Receivables section contains a list of reports that show all the money that you are to receive from your customers from different sources. These include Customer Balances, Aging Summary and Details, Invoice and Retainer Invoice Details, Sales Order Details, and Estimate Details.

Account Payables

The Account Payables section on our dashboard displays the amount of money you owe your vendors. It includes the current amount and overdue amount.

Sales Reports

Create an in-depth sales report summarising sales information by Customer, by Item, and by Sales Person.

Inventory Reports

Generate comprehensive reports related to the inventory of your organisation, including summary and valuation.